R&D Laboratory
R&D Innovation
R & D Capabilities
  • Industry-leading coating technology engineering center

  • Comprehensive five major laboratories

  • Independent R&D customized design

  • Professional and stable scientific research team

  • Consistent 9.22% R&D cost investment ratio achieved for three consecutive years

  • 27.69% of research and development personnel

Core Technology

Always adhere to R&D as the foundation, prioritize product and technological innovation, and formed multiple core technologies

  • 01

    Coating die design system

    Special material processing system

  • 02

    Multi slurry co coating technology
  • 03

    Twin screw mixing for efficient pulping
  • 04

    Infrared drying technology
  • 05

    Intelligent coating architecture and algorithms
  • 06

    Big data collection on industrial sites

    Management Platform

R&D Laboratory
  • Roll-to-Roll Coating Laboratory

    Roll-to-Roll coating laboratory is composed of mixing, coating and roller pressing experiments. It is an industry-leading coating laboratory, capable of completing various coating experiments such as micro-concave coating, extrusion coating, transfer coating, dip coating, etc. Coating.......plate coating: dip coating, and flat plate coating

  • Material laboratory

    The material laboratory is an important professional basic laboratory,mainly responsible for the process development of slurry, the production and performance testing of slurry, the sintering preparation of positive and negative electrode main material powders of batteries, and providing strong data support and optimization solutions for the production coating line.

  • Flat Coating Laboratory

    The flat coating laboratory mainly conducts experiments in the fields of new energy, advanced board-level packaging, and panel-level coating. At present, the key research directions of the laboratory are: process development testing, new material testing, equipment development and debugging and other series of research and development work.

  • Fluid Simulation Laboratory

    The fluid simulation laboratory is mainly responsible for the metallographic, hardness, and corrosion resistance of the coating head body material; the detection of the morphology, adhesion, and thickness of the surface coating; and the analysis of the rheological properties, surface tension, and density of the slurry.

Patent Certification

Manst and the subsidiaries have laid out more than 317 patents in the field of coating technology applications, including 21 authorized invention patents, 150 utility model patents (including 2 German patents), 15 design patents, 20 software copyrights, and 123 patent applications filed but not yet granted.

Quality Management

The company has established a complete quality management system and will continue to improve. In recent years, it has successively introduced a variety of advanced testing equipment to comprehensively control the key indicators of products, and established a product life cycle management platform to promote product quality progress continuously.

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