Source:MANSTRelease Date:2022-10-12

"Man" is endless and "Tu" is strengthened. Shenzhen Manst "Quality Management and Excellent Site Management Ability Improvement" coaching program has entered the summary stage after one year of coaching. On September 19, 2022, Mr. Tang, Chairman of Manst, Mr. Liu, Chairman of Zhongderuke Consulting, Mr. Shi, President of Zhongderuke Consulting, lean management experts and teachers participated in this concluding meeting.


It has always been the development principle pursued by Manst to build a business with excellence and win with quality. Manst has paid great attention to quality management since its inception, and attached importance to establishing a good market image for its products. Those who are ambitious have stopped short of the path. Relying on years of continuous development, Manst has realized import substitution, and has successively won the honor of "national high-tech enterprise" and "national specialized new 'little giant' enterprise". Today's achievements can not be achieved without Manst's strict control over product quality over the years. In the future, Manst will remain original minded, focus on quality guidance, and continue to export high-quality products, Enable industry development.


Quality is integrated into the blood, and high-quality products are used to achieve the cause. Manst insists on quality first, and is committed to building a reliable national brand, leading the high-quality development of the industry. This conference is a conclusion and a beginning. Facing the future, Manst is determined to be cohesive and strong in quality, and has a strong attitude to forge ahead and seek development.

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