Source:MANSTRelease Date:2022-08-25
Manst GEM debuts through deep empowerment of new energy vehicle supply chain

As the global auto industry accelerates the process of carbon neutrality, major auto brands are accelerating the process of vehicle electrification. In recent years, the state has continuously issued policies to support the development of new energy vehicles and supporting facilities. The trend of new energy vehicles replacing traditional oil vehicles is becoming more and more obvious, which directly drives the market demand for lithium batteries and drives the core components of lithium batteries. Coating die demand. As a representative of domestic die head enterprises, on June 15th, Shenzhen Manst Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "MANST") was approved for its first listing on the Growth Enterprise Market. The company's products are mainly used in lithium battery production equipment, new energy Equipment and other high-end manufacturing fields will deeply empower the supply chain of new energy vehicles.


It is reported that MANST plans to issue no more than 30 million shares in this IPO, accounting for no less than 25% of the total number of shares after the issuance; it plans to raise 531 million yuan, mainly for the industrialization of coating technology in Anhui. The project, the coating technology industrialization construction headquarters base project, the coating technology industrialization R&D center construction project and the supplementary working capital project will bring more power and support to MANST's technology research and development in the field of lithium batteries, and further Develop the market for lithium battery related products and enter the industry with higher quality development.

As a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the production, R&D and sales of high-precision slot coating dies and coating equipment, as well as related accessories, the coating dies produced by Mannst are the core components of battery cell production. Since its establishment in 2014, MANST has always adhered to the research and development of core technologies, and is committed to improving the core competitiveness of products and brands. The monopoly of the domestic coating die head has successfully realized the localization of the product.

It is reported that at present, MANST's coating die products have achieved the localization of all supply chains, and the localization rate of smart products such as sensors and actuators is over 90%. Customers cover most of the top ten high-quality customer resources of power lithium batteries in the world, and have established cooperation with well-known 3C digital lithium battery companies and lithium battery equipment manufacturers at home and abroad.

With the further increase in the penetration rate of new energy vehicles and the continuous construction of downstream lithium battery manufacturers' projects, the high-end intelligent manufacturing industry of new energy vehicles, where MANST is located, has broad market prospects. Facing the historical opportunity of the rapid development of the new energy industry, MANST, whose market share ranks first among domestic enterprises in the domestic lithium battery coating die industry, will continue to attach importance to technological innovation and continuously develop new technologies and new products, such as hydrogen fuel Battery electrode coating, semiconductor-related coating, perovskite solar coating, etc., continue to meet the requirements of downstream customers for new products, and deeply empower the sustainable and stable development of the new energy vehicle supply chain.

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