Source:MANSTRelease Date:2022-08-25
Manst has successfully passed the conference to accelerate the layout of the intelligent Internet of Things platform in the coating industry

Driven by new technologies such as 5G, AI, cloud computing, and big data, Chinese manufacturing has entered a new stage of intelligent development, and a new comprehensive and integrated intelligent IoT platform has emerged. Shenzhen Manst Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Manst"), a leading enterprise in the domestic coating industry, is based on transformation and development in the era of automobile electrification through the integration of advantageous resources and the application of information technology, and through digital upgrades Build an IoT platform, customize complete customized coating product solutions for partners, and deeply empower the new energy intelligent manufacturing supply chain.


As the most important slot coating die head supplier for domestic mainstream battery companies, in 2021, Manst's market share in the domestic lithium battery coating die head industry will rank first among domestic companies. With the further increase in the penetration rate of new energy vehicles and the continuous construction of downstream lithium battery manufacturers' projects, the high-end intelligent manufacturing industry of new energy vehicles, where Manst is located, has broad market prospects.

As a leading company in the industry, Manst realizes that in addition to technological innovation and technology accumulation in the field of design and manufacturing, it is also necessary to actively face the challenges of future intelligent manufacturing. How to expand the application of coating technology in the field of Internet of Things, realize the management optimization of the whole life cycle of coating technology through the empowerment of digital technology and the Internet of Things, and make full use of the Internet of Things from research and development, production, on-site debugging, operation and other stages Means to enhance core competitiveness is the only way to transform and develop in the new stage.

To this end, the first-generation IoT platform independently developed by Manst is a solid step taken by the company in this strategic direction. The rapid development of the new energy industry has put forward higher requirements for the key parameters of the coating process, the coating equipment has become increasingly complex, and the traditional manual debugging has gradually become outdated. Manst has developed an IoT platform based on an automatic closed-loop regulation system. Through continuous investment in core technology fields, it has created a model for IoT in lithium-ion battery manufacturing, promoted the accumulation of core technology platforms, and promoted the continuous upgrading of battery cell manufacturing technology.

Recently, the first listing of Manst GEM was approved, which marks a solid step forward for the company from the capital market. The IPO plans to raise 531 million yuan, which will be mainly used for the Anhui coating technology industrialization construction project, the coating technology industrialization construction headquarters base project, the coating technology industrialization R&D center construction project and the supplementary working capital project. In the future, Manst will expand the application of coating technology in the surrounding new fields, such as hydrogen fuel cell electrode coating, perovskite solar coating, MLCC coating, semiconductor-related coating, etc., to create the next import substitution.

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